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Women’s Health and Pelvis Restoration

Professional, experienced treatment for pelvic pain, incontinence, pelvic floor dysfunction, 
pregnancy/postpartum recovery and more

You don’t have to “just live with” pelvic floor pain and problems.

Spine and Sport Physical Therapy can lead you on a journey toward strength, stability and healing.

Pelvic Floor Dysfunction is Common Among Adult Women. And It Can Be Treated.

One-third of adult women are affected by at least one pelvic floor condition.

Thirty-five percent of all women will suffer some degree of incontinence in their lifetime.

Pelvic floor instability and pain is life-altering, but it doesn’t have to be. With professional physical therapy treatment, education and patient-led home exercise, the positive changes can be powerful and long-lasting. 

Pelvic pain and instability can result from pregnancy, birth, postural problems, sports injury and many other causes. At Spine and Sport Physical Therapy, we address pelvic floor challenges from a whole-person perspective.

Pelvic Floor Challenges We Treat Include:

  • Pelvic and low back pain
  • Spasms or tightness in the pelvic floor muscles
  • Urinary incontinence, urgency or frequency
  • Bladder pain
  • Endometriosis or painful menstrual periods
  • Pelvic organ prolapse
  • Piriformis syndrome
  • Pelvic floor dysfunction
  • Pain with intercourse
  • Anal pain, hemorrhoids or fissures
  • Coccyx/tailbone pain

For Pregnancy and Postpartum Women, We Can Help With:

  • Preparing for delivery
  • Sacroiliac (SI) joint pain, pubic pain or back pain during pregnancy or postpartum
  • Healing after birth
  • C-section scar mobility or tearing with vaginal birth
  • Urinary or bowel leakage after pregnancy
  • Postnatal abdominal muscle separation (diastasis recti)
  • Pregnancy and postpartum wellness
Abby Bodenhausen

Meet Abby Bodenhausen

Pelvic Floor and Women’s Health Physical Therapy Specialist

“Too many women are being told that their pelvic symptoms are normal, or that there is nothing that they can do. After personally dealing with pelvic floor dysfunction, I feel I can relate to my patients and it is my passion and goal to help other women on their journey to be their best self physically.” – Abby Bodenhausen, MPT, DPT, Spine and Sport Physical Therapy

Abby Bodenhausen, DPT (Doctorate of Physical Therapy), has over a decade of physical therapy experience in orthopedics and has a passion for helping women after injury, during pregnancy and postpartum. Abby earned a Master’s degree and a Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Saint Louis University. She has specialized training in pelvic health physical therapy, pregnancy, postpartum, and treating the pregnant and postpartum athlete. Her training includes safe pelvic floor approaches to exercise.

Abby is a mom of three and for fun she enjoys being active outside with her family, baking with her kids, paddle boarding, reading, yoga and running.

“I am a true believer that life happens for us, not to us. While pregnant with my third child, I was diagnosed with placenta previa and had a c-section. I developed terrible c-section scarring, pelvic and low back pain, and pelvic organ prolapse. I was unable to fully care for my kids or workout without pain, which led me down this wonderful path of pelvic health.

I worked hard to improve my pelvic floor muscle strength and coordination to continue to stay healthy for myself and my family. Too many women are being told that their pelvic symptoms (bladder leakage, pelvic or low back pain, pain with sex, etc) are normal or that there is nothing that they can do except take medication, have surgery or just live with it.  My passion is to help women get back to doing what they love and heal at every phase of their journey.

Abby has specialized education in traditional physical therapy for muscle, joint and movement alignment, as well as coursework in holistic treatments for pregnancy and postpartum, core and pelvic floor healing, pelvic floor strength for athletes, and techniques for ribs, sacrum, thoracic and lumbar spine.

Continuing Education:
  • Doctorate of Physical Therapy, Saint Louis University
  • Herman and Wallace Level 1
  • Institute of Birth Healing Holistic Treatment of the Pregnant Body
  • Institute of Birth Healing Holistic Treatment of the Postpartum Body
  • Institute of Birth Healing Core Confidence in you core and pelvic floor
  • Julie Wiebe Piston Science Part 1 &2, female athlete: ready for impact and high-intensity, Treatment and training of the female runner course, Pelvic floor piston: foundation for fitness
  • MET techniques of ribs, sacrum, thoracic and lumbar spine

Pelvic Floor Dysfunction Treatments are Evidence-Based and Include:

  • Targeted exercises to improve core strength and flexibility across multiple muscular systems to resolve pelvic floor problems
  • Manual release of muscle tension and specialized exercises for strength
  • Stability exercises for the entire pelvic system that transition to functional activities
  • Patient answers and education from a highest-level specialist in pelvic floor physical therapy

Physical Therapy & Pregnancy

Many women experience low back and pelvic pain during their pregnancy and in the months following delivery. Prolonged muscular and pelvic instability can lead to long-term problems, and can keep women from enjoying the life they want to live – including creating an environment for problems and pain with additional pregnancies. Spine and Sport can help women heal, build strength and look forward to a healthy journey ahead. Musculoskeletal and neurological conditions associated with pregnancy include: 

Low back pain
 Symphysis Pubis separation

Muscular strain

Sacroiliac joint pain and sciatic pain

Diastasis Recti Abdominis

Neck and upper back pain, including headaches

 Lower extremity edema

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Attention Moms-To-Be:

Are you entering your second trimester of pregnancy?

 Set up a meeting with Abby at Spine and Sport to:

  1. Learn what to know and consider to stay comfortable in the 3rd trimester

  2. Prepare for birth from a musculoskeletal perspective 

  3. Set a Post-Birth Recovery Plan

  4. Learn how to offset physical changes associated with pregnancy and birth that can lead to long-term pain and problems later, or with additional pregnancies