Spine & Sport Physical Therapy & AquaticsSpine & Sport Physical Therapy & Aquatics
3D Medical Fitness Classes | Making Exercise FUN & scientific | D fitness exercises designed and instructed by medical professionals / physical therapists

3D Medical Fitness Classes focus on exercising in all 3 dimensions to prevent 1 dimensional patterns that lead to injury. This form of metabolic training integrates cardiovascular and resistance training, with interval training, for a fun and interactive exercise that will leave you exhilarated!

Heart Rate Monitor
Heart Rate monitored = watch your HR on the TV screen, via POLAR A360 HR monitor, to manage your target and training HR zones. See in real time how effectively you are training!

State-of-the-art as well as familiar equipment:
Versaclimber • Skiers Edge machine • Keiser air pneumatic resistance functional trainer • battleropes • TRX Bands • boxing heavy bag

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Membership $35/ month*
Members class rate $4
Non -members class rate $8 per class
Punch Card: 5 classes for $35
Punch Card: 10 classes for $60

Musculoskeletal Wellness Assessment $75
Members who sign yearly contract $35 / month get this for FREE
Musculoskeletal Wellness Assessment includes:
BMI / Weight • Range of Motion/Flexibility/ Postural Analysis for Symmetry • Functional Movement Screen/ 3 dimensional Movement Analysis • Spirometer Breathing Test • Corrective Exercise Prescription

Individuals are encouraged to have the Musculoskeletal Wellness Assessment performed yearly / annually to monitor and
maintain for preventative health.

* Membership rules apply